British suppliers avoid boat building heat due to Russian owner | Finance

“Some of our suppliers are subject to UK laws. As a result, some of them are unable to carry out their duties, “said a spokesman.

Rolls-Royce, meanwhile, says it is “temporarily suspending” cooperation with Heisen to seek legal advice on the situation. If possible, the team would like to continue to supply materials to Heisen.

Upcoming Bankruptcy

Russian billionaire Alekberov Heisen is one of the so-called ultimate beneficiaries of boats. That is, he ultimately has control over the company. Recently, brief notices were filed stating that a notary was unwilling to cooperate in the transfer of Alekro’s shares to a trust. The transaction was supposed to prevent problems due to sanctions against the millionaire, but the notary was afraid to avoid European sanctions. The judge agreed with her.

Heisen felt that other factors, such as civil law notary and impending bankruptcy, should be taken into account. According to the company, such bankruptcy is not an immediate issue. Heisen, who has about a thousand employees in the Netherlands, is financially healthy, a spokesman said.

Alekberov was previously deputy minister of oil in the Soviet Union and amassed a fortune through the oil company Lukoil, which he founded. Recently, the businessman resigned as CEO of the company.

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