British tourist Harry heard the ice breaking, then saw the approaching avalanche in Kyrgyzstan

Harry shared his story on Instagram, where the video was shared several times. Below you can also see how the glacier falls towards Harry. “For a moment I thought I was going to die.”

It’s no surprise Harry thought so, because he could have been completely different. But, writes on Instagram: “I knew there was a place next to me where I could hide.”

Just light snow on it

Harry describes how it was when the snow broke out over him. “It was like a blizzard. When it was over, there was a little light snow on me. I didn’t have a scratch, just got dizzy.”

He knew the rest of the group was ahead – he stopped to take pictures – and he probably shouldn’t have been hurt. Two travel companions were injured. One injured her knee and the other fell off a horse and got some bruises. “Everyone laughed and cried at the same time. We were so glad we were still there. Later we really realized how lucky we were. If it had been five minutes later, we all wouldn’t have had a chance.”

The second time in a week

Harry and his nine friends walked over the floating ice in the Tianshan Mountains after the avalanche. “It was really giant boulders and ice boulders that went further than we could run to. Even if we acted right away.”

But if a lot of meltwater ends up in that lake due to climate change, it will overflow. With all its consequences. It is impossible to determine if this also happened here. “It’s speculation about what happened here.” But it seems certain that we will have to deal with these types of accidents more often in the future.

The avalanche was also filmed in Italy:

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