Britney Spears’ girlfriend motivates her to file a lawsuit show

Sam Asgari, a friend of Britney Spears, has been working for weeks to prepare her fully “prepared” for the lawsuit in which she will speak on Wednesday. The singer speaks in court about the guardianship of her father Jamie, who has been in control of her financial and personal decisions since her mental breakdown in 2008. These reports. Sixth page.

Sam is her mainstay, she can really lean on him. He gives her confidence and assures her that everything will be fine. Sam has been following the #FreeBritney movement for some time and tells her daily how much her fans love her. A source said he was convinced she would do well if she finally told her side of the story after 13 years.

Spears will appear in court on Wednesday, which is something the singer is very nervous about. Yes, she is nervous but thinks she is well prepared. Basically people see her as a superstar who controls exactly what happens, but the opposite is true. She is actually a very shy person, and has been shown climbing into her role as a pop star. Appearing in court is something you’ve never had to deal with that way, so of course it makes her nervous.”

According to the source, “It would be very important for Britney to make her voice heard now.” Something her friend Sam, who is a fitness trainer, agrees. In February, he called Jamie on social media a “terrible bastard” for not treating his daughter well, he said.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Jamie Spears insists that Britney needs his help. According to informed sources, his guardian goes so far as to specify the color of his daughter’s kitchen cabinets. According to an investigative journalist from The New York Times, already in 2016 the singer was going to complain about the fact that she was taken advantage of. “I felt that she was the one bringing in the money and that everyone around her was benefiting,” a source said.

According to the journalist, Britney wants to get rid of her father, because he will behave very anxiously towards her. “He has a lot of power, a lot of control. I have nothing to say about my private life, I am completely dependent.” The singer eventually agreed to a joint trusteeship between Jamie and her health care manager, Judy Montgomery, to add the financial institution Bessemer Trust.

Jamie Spears is said to have determined that the color of Britney’s kitchen cabinets was “still good” when she asked him to paint them a different color. According to him, that would have been very expensive and so his daughter did not get a zero on the appeal. And Britney, who has millions on paper, will “only” receive a weekly allowance of 1,675 euros from her father. He himself can add more to his account every month, while his daughter is doing the work as a singer.

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