Britney Spears’ lawyer criticizes her father Jamie again

According to the attorney, Jimmy has agreed to make his statement, but has not yet done so. He was going to say he just wanted to testify in Kentwood in the US state of Louisiana, where the Spears family comes from. The attorney stated that it was OK to travel there to testify, but so far he has been candid with Father Spears.

“Spears has been out of reach for months and has been hiding from the authorities. Although he promised to testify, his behavior doesn’t show it. Which he now has to respond to. He has deprived his daughter of certain human rights and enriched her as well. He has also paid her own income. He has also paid other people With money that came from Britney’s earnings.”

Matthew says he is willing to fly to any city in the US where Father Spears can be questioned. “I don’t care where to go as long as the truth comes out. He can’t hide forever.”

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