Brussels and London win deal in fishing distribution this year | Finance

Fish supply is one of the most difficult issues in the Brexit negotiations. Shortly before the British left the EU on January 1, London and Brussels were able to reach an agreement on their further relationship in practice. But by 2021 there is not enough time to acknowledge how many solitary, lobster, turbo and other fish can be caught. So they set up temporary fishing opportunities.

The European Commission says “there is now an agreement on 75 shared fish species in 2021 and a few deep-sea species for 2021 and 2022. It is not yet clear what will happen to Dutch fishermen. The agreement will be signed these days.”


“It demonstrates that both partners on both sides of the channel can reach agreements and move forward if they work together,” said Virginius Syncavius, the European commissioner in charge. Since this year, London and Brussels have had to make new deals on the supply of fish.

In March, the UK, the European Union and Norway had already agreed to a division into North Sea fisheries.

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