Brussels is reported to have sued Apple for the App Store This week now

The European Commission (EC) will file charges against Apple this week for abuse of power in the App Store, according to reports Financial times Tuesday based on insiders.

Music service Spotify complained to the European Commission two years ago because the company had to pay a 30 percent commission on income via the app store. That’s why Spotify has to make its app store subscriptions more expensive to keep the same income. Also, the company is not permitted to refer people to Spotify for lower rates. So the European Commission started an investigation.

Other companies also differ with the conversions that Apple requires. Netflix has also spoken against this previously. Epic Games, innovator It is an electronic game, Filed a lawsuit against Apple over its monopoly position in the United States. I took out Apple It is an electronic game From its own app store when Epic created its own in-game payment system.

Apple always defends its app store, saying the fee is necessary to ensure user safety and privacy, among other things. However, the company recently modified its policy slightly. For example, some video streaming services are exempt from the commission, and developers who earn less than $ 1 million (around 820,000 euros) a year through the App Store only have to pay 15 percent.

It is not clear what the outcome of the European Commission investigation will be and when exactly Brussels will file the accusations. The Financial times Ends Later this week.

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