Bundesliga to watch Dutch for free on YouTube

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT), which recently acquired the Dutch broadcasting rights to the Bundesliga, made the announcement today. Tonight at 20:30 the new Bundesliga season begins. Champion Bayern Munich visits Borussia Monchengladbach.

NENT says Dutch viewers will watch live streams From the Bundesliga matches via Official YouTube channel. No Dutch comment, only English.

Viaplay starts in 2022

Bundesliga matches have been shown on ESPN in recent years. NENT already owns the rights to the broadcast, but it won’t launch its live streaming service Viaplay in the Netherlands until the first quarter of next year. The Swedish company has not reached a licensing agreement with Dutch television operators to broadcast this season’s matches on a television channel.

“I am delighted to be able to deliver matches as we prepare for the big launch of Viaplay in the Netherlands,” said Peter Norylund, CEO of NENT, in a comment.

English Premier League in Formula 1

The NENT Group also recently bought the rights to broadcast, among others, the British Premier League and Formula 1, both from 2022. The Premier League and Formula 1 are currently broadcast by Ziggo Sport.

NENT previously promised that its streaming service would also receive content for people who don’t like sports, including Dutch movies and series. In our country, NENT initially focused only on broadcasting and not on linear TV broadcasts. The cost of a subscription to Viaplay in the Netherlands is not yet known.

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