Burglary and arson at the Al-Bina teachers residence

A photo posted by the victim on Facebook.

A teacher in Albina fell victim to thieves at night from Friday to Saturday. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also set fire to her room in the staff house. The woman mentioned herself on social media.

I have been working at Albina for almost eleven years now and anga disi joe thank mi. I’ll leave everything to the big guy over there. Ruined a tutorial house like this. and all my things. How safe are you as a teacher?The victim writes.

She told Waterkant.Net editors that the perpetrator(s) may have entered the house through the so-called hatch. “I was in town when it happened. My husband was not home and when he came home all he could see was smoke.”

Her story was picked up by ABOP DNA member Genevievre Jordan who called it an act of cowardice. “Albina teachers are often stormed. Reason enough to defend this group,” says the parliamentarian.

She points out that she had previously asked at DNA for a fund for teachers in the Netherlands, where they can turn in such cases for compensation for the material damage they have suffered.

You’re not alone; Things will get better. As a member of the Standing Committee on Education in DNA, I will once again come up with practical proposals for the government and make sure that the issue of ‘teacher safety at home’ is actually found.Jordan Books.

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