Burmerend municipality joins City Deal Public Space

The municipalities of Purmerend and Beemster have joined Citydale public space. Purmerend is under full development. The municipality is working to create a livable city for everyone with space to enjoy life and recreation. This includes aspects such as housing, transportation, a healthy living environment, and new facilities such as charging stations and water collection. These tasks mean that there is a growing demand for public spaces. To ensure that we furnish and maintain our City Living Room as much as possible, it is important to look ahead and adopt an integrated approach.

Purmerend participation in City Deal

“Participation in the City Deal Public Space in the Stad agenda is not only a source of information, but also a good way to engage the right partners in the process,” says Evelyn Tegestra (Burmerend) of this collaboration. Aji Ziman (Bimster) adds: “Although Bimester is a rural area, we also feel the challenges of this city deal. We can only furnish the public space once. We are happy to take on the challenge of doing so as efficiently as possible.”

27 parties join forces

In the public space of the City Deal, 27 parties (ministries, municipalities, knowledge institutions, utility companies) will unite over the next three years to work on an integrated approach to the tasks of urban transformation. Given the crowds above and below ground, finding and finding solutions is a huge challenge. After all, how can we ensure that tasks such as climate adaptation, the energy transition, shared mobility, the new circular economy, and the holistic healthy city of nature communicate as effectively as possible? Partners within the City Deal are looking for new ways to design public spaces.

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Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Participation in the City Deal for Public Space means working alongside authorities and other parties who wish to work in an integrated manner towards achieving the Netherlands of the future. Many municipalities face the same challenges. City Deals invites you to share knowledge with each other. In this way, the Purmerenders and Beemsterlingen will also ultimately benefit from the combined forces of the municipalities, ministries, knowledge institutions and other facilities affiliated with this city deal.

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