Bus Driver makes another attempt at Eurosong fame: “A better beat than a ballad” (Hoogstraaten)

Rudy wrote the music for Celebrate Your Life, which was sung by West Flemish Neela Quinn. © WOAD


Entries for next year’s Eurosong contest in the United Kingdom are once again welcome at VRT. Ten years after his first participation, Rudy Jeans, a bus driver from Minderhout (Hoogstraten), nicknamed Rudge S.

Wouter Adriansen

There was an uproar in mid-August when the public broadcaster announced that it would be looking for a candidate for the Eurosong contest for the first time in six years, not just in Pat Crimson’s home. “I participated once ten years ago,” says music producer Rudge S. Says, he shortened his real name, Rudy Jeans, to his alias and added the first letter of his wife’s and daughters’ first names. “Eurosong fascinated me, I always loved those shows. We had to collect 20,000 to get to the final and we didn’t do it. I wouldn’t dare to participate today with that song.”

A cappella singer Widloof Bey was selected from over two hundred entries. They were killed in the semi-final in Düsseldorf. “Personally, I prefer a song with a beat to a ballad,” says Rudy. “I might be 53, musically I prefer younger genres. I stuck with groups like Silver, Fiocco and Lasco in the nineties.

Positive news

Rudy has prepared a new song to take part in the Eurosong 2023 preliminaries. For this he is working with Neela Quinn, stage name of West Flemish Nelle Wouters. “Finding a good singer is not easy. Nele also wrote the lyrics Celebrate your life. What Eurosong needs is a song with a positive message that appeals to everyone.

Rudy dreams of dating Celebrate your life To break artistically. Hookstradt’s producer got a call late on the music. “Eighteen years ago I discovered the Music Maker program at a computer store. I found it fun, shared something with family and friends, and they encouraged me to do the same. I don’t need to stand on stage, I prefer to leave that to Nele.


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