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Dutch entrepreneurs stand out internationally with their smart products, technology and services that help solve the major problems of our time. The United States offers many opportunities for fast-growing startups to develop innovative technology. Check out the second episode of this new video series with Qlayers.

Interview and video: Loc de Val

August 19, 2022

Storage tanks, wind turbines, airplanes, all large industrial surfaces require constant fresh paint. Until recently, it was still done with rollers, but Qlayers has launched a solution This makes the application of paints and coatings more consistent and efficient.

Inspired by solutions we already find in nature, smart robots use coatings similar to shark skin, for example, to create less resistance and save energy. CEO Josefien Groot: “I want to make the world more sustainable by working mainly on energy efficiency.”

You can get to know the participants in this 11-part video series for De Ondernemer ScaleNL acceleratorAn attempt by the Dutch Embassies In America. Every day a new video comes online.

Let’s take a look back at Lalaland first through this link.

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