Cabinet announces new educational plans

The Cabinet announces a package of measures to solve the problem of teacher shortages in the Netherlands. I think teachers have a feeling that they have been undervalued in recent years, Warsma explains, “and that’s something the Hague can count on.”

In Op1 he says he wants to make teaching attractive. According to the minister, this means, among other things, doing something with teachers’ salaries. “We recently closed the notorious wage gap, so it no longer matters whether you work in primary or secondary education. The government has also spent a billion to reduce the workload of teachers and two new collective labor agreements have been agreed that include a 5 percent wage increase.”

unconventional procedures

However, according to Wiersma, it is questionable whether these measures are sufficient. “You also have to look at unconventional measures.” He explains: “For example, there are schools where there is no shortage of teachers, while there are schools in the vicinity that have a shortage of teachers. The legislator has always stayed away from this, but such problems do not solve themselves, as practice shows. ” Because the education problems are so big right now, he wants to intervene now.

Teacher training courses are also fragmented, adds Robert Dijgraf, Minister of Education, Culture and Science. “These pieces of the puzzle have to come together.”

work reward

Another plan for the ministers is to make space for schools to organize the school day differently one day a week. “In some places in the Netherlands you can actually see this because of the lack of teachers.” Wersma points out that he “certainly doesn’t want to go to a four-day school week,” but there must be an alternative for this very reason. “If a Friday lesson is cancelled, sometimes that whole lesson is cancelled.”

The government also wants to reward teachers who work overtime. They paint: “As a teacher, you sometimes work longer hours, but you no longer get paid. It must be different.”

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Written by: Wessel Wierda

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