Cabinet: Tens of thousands of Dutch people can attend trial events in April

Tests will be held in all provinces and at various locations across the country. There will be a full list of activities for the month of April.

Lots of different places

The projects list the places where a pilot can arrange: museums, theaters, playgrounds, monuments, concert halls, casinos, zoos, amusement parks, swimming pools, arcades and galleries. Business meetings are also organized.

The number of participants in a province varies from 45 in New Zealand to more than 3,700 per day in Nord-Holland. Locations must operate with a ‘restricted system’, for example, conscious time locations and departmental protocols.

Continues in May

Tests with access tests are aimed at ‘reopening soon’. According to the draft documents, “these are still small steps for the month of April”. “Now with careful training across the country and across sectors, we will be implementing safe and successful large-scale access trials from May.”

Depending on the results of pilots across the Netherlands, operations can be expanded rapidly, for example, by increasing the maximum number of spectators. 30 can be increased to a ‘maximum’. 100 people ‘. Another goal needs to be accelerated: some sectors are opening up before the current risk level. For example, arranging a concert at risk level; Minister de Jong had earlier announced that the country could be further opened with test certificates.

Close advice

Plans will be announced soon, mostly next week. Various ministries have already consulted with various municipalities and departments regarding the tests.

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