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In the game of baseball, football is the only discipline From the Olympics It started two days before the opening ceremony. This offer is explained by the payback periods imposed by the tournament design, which gives teams at least 48 hours of rest between each match. Thus began the women’s competition. France does notOn Wednesday, July 21, each of the six matches from the first day will be played in six of the seven stadiums where the football events take place. Formula, Winners, Qualification, Calendar, Broadcast… Here is what you need to know before the competition starts.


Twelve teams have qualified for the Olympics, playing in at least the first round. Countries are divided into four groups. The first two of these groups automatically qualify for the quarterfinals, as well as the top two thirds. The final stage is played in the form of knockout matches, which occur after 90 minutes, with an additional thirty minutes (2 x 15 minutes) and a penalty kick.

Unlike their male counterparts, women’s teams are not subject to age limits and can select any player until they meet national criteria.

Competitive phases

The competition takes place in one rowing and spreads over the seven stadiums where the competitions take place. Both are in Tokyo, but teams will have to travel across the country, sometimes north to Sapporo. Find stadiums selected by the International Olympic Committee.

» Tokyo National Olympic Stadium (final), 60,016 seats; Tokyo Stadium, 49,000 seats; Saitama Stadium, 62,000 seats; Yokohama International Stadium, 70,000 seats. Kashima Football Ground, 42 thousand seats; Miyagi Stadium in Sentai, 48,000 seats; Sapporo Dome, 42,000 seats.

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Since entering the Women’s Championship Olympics, the United States has won medals and titles. A silver medalist four times and between 1996 and 2012, the American selection is still morally clear, but failed to secure its place in Rio in 2016. In the absence of the American team that surprised Sweden in the quarterfinals, Germany took advantage of the opportunity to turn the tide and win their first Olympic title. They are the winners of the women’s football tournament at the Olympics.

Rio 2016: Germany (gold), Sweden (silver), Canada (bronze).

London 2012: United States (gold), Japan (silver), Canada (bronze).

Peking 2008: United States (gold), Brazil (silver), Germany (bronze).

Athena 2004: United States (gold), Brazil (silver), Germany (bronze).

Sydney 2000: Norway (gold), USA (silver), Germany (bronze).

Atlanta 1996: United States (gold), China (silver) and Norway (bronze).

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As a host nation, Japan automatically qualified, but all other teams had to score in major international competitions or qualifying for the Olympics to qualify for the Olympics. Consecutive winners of the first two countries to qualify for this Women’s Olympics, the 2018 Copa America and the Oceania Cup, Brazil and New Zealand. Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden won tickets to the World Cup. Follower, A lottery was held to form groups At the Olympics.

Group A: Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Chile.

Group B: Brazil, China, Zambia, Netherlands.

Group C: Sweden, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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The Olympics take place from July 21 to August 6, or the entire duration of the Olympics. Plan here.

Wednesday 21 July: Great Britain – Chile (9:30 am, Sapporo), Brazil – China (10:00 am, Miyagi), USA – Sweden (10:30 am, Tokyo), Japan – Canada (12:30 pm, Sapporo)) , Netherlands – Zambia (13.00, in Miyagi), Australia – New Zealand (13.00, in Tokyo).

Saturday, July 24: Canada – Chile (9:30 am, Sapporo), China – Zambia (10 am, Miyagi), Sweden – Australia (10:30 am, Saitama), Japan – Great Britain (12:30 pm, Sapporo) , Brazil – Netherlands (13.00, in Miyagi), USA – New Zealand (13.00, in Saitama).

Tuesday 27 July: United States – Australia (10am, Kashima), Sweden – New Zealand (10am, Miyagi), Japan – Chile (1pm, Miyagi), Canada – Great Britain (1pm, Kashima), Netherlands – China (afternoon) 1:30 pm, Yokohama, Brazil – Zambia (1:30 pm, in Saitama).

Friday, July 30: Quarterfinals (10am in Miyagi, 11am in Kashima, 12pm in Saitama, 1pm in Yokohama).

Monday, August 2: Semi-finals (10 a.m. in Kashima, 1 p.m. in Yokohama).

Thursday, August 5: Competition for third place (10 a.m., Kashima).

Friday, August 6: Final (4 p.m., Olympic Stadium Tokyo).


In France, the Olympics are televised by French televisions and Eurosport. View all results of football matches On our website

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