Call for online participation in the launch of Advice Youth Jump

Talk to the various parties for advice

Counseling about something as important as nurturing youth with a lot of people takes time and a lot of substantive discussion. During the operation we spoke with several people, we read the documents, consulted with the experts and let us not forget; We listened to the opinion of the children. In our opinion, there is now advice that does justice to everyone’s contribution. We want to keep you updated as we launch online advice on behalf of FNV and Stichting Beroepseer. Would you like to make a toast with us?

Interactive and amazing program

The program provides space for questions and discussion, and we are already looking forward to the next step. Count on an surprisingly diverse, interactive program in collaboration with expert experts and Kitty Jong, Vice President of FNV.

The program is Monday, May 17, 2021

3.30 pm Musical opening and program start

3.40 pm in conversation with Maiky Van Der Rare (FNV), Thies Janssen (Saint-Piropsier) and Stephen de Waal (Chairman) about implementing Youth Jump’s advice

3.55 pm Space for your questions and comments, and a discussion with the initiators with this tip

4.10 pm between music and surprise

4.15 pm Festive Handover!

4:25 pm # together as well! You can discuss next steps in a breakout room of your choice. Please indicate your preference when registering.

17.00 End of the program

Register now

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