Can run unlimited electricity on Australian train

In the Netherlands we know that trains are good for the environment. Dutch railways run on green energy from wind turbines, and rail companies are now working to replace diesel, even in areas without overhead wires. Hydrogen or batteries provide a solution.
Fortescue is a mining company that frequently operates in remote areas of Australia. To carry the excavated material, there are railways with diesel trains. But the mining world also knows that it needs to become more stable. So Fortescue develops sustainable solutions that can eventually be sold to other companies.

Full bottom, empty

Is now An ‘Infinity Rail’ project. It is so named because it can run indefinitely on electricity without overhead wires and always charging. How is that possible? There are two reasons for that. First, the train usually had to go uphill empty and downhill filled (with iron ore). This means that when the train goes down, its weight will be significantly higher. Since no propulsion is required when descending the mountain (gravity only works), the battery can be recharged at that time. Energy is restored when the final target is braked.

Overall, it produces enough power to send empty, lighter wagons back to the mountains. Fortescue thinks the train can travel back and forth indefinitely this way. It may seem like magic, but in reality the train uses the force of gravity wisely.

Sustainable mining?

Fortescue is not the only mining company that wants to go green. For example, there are companies that work on electric trucks with huge loading sites. Fortescue has already announced a cargo ship that will run on ammonia instead of fuel oil. Over time, this ammonia can be stabilized with green hydrogen.

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Just because mining companies are becoming greener, does not mean they are more environmentally friendly. Extraction of minerals is a polluting process that causes problems for the environment. Recovering more material from equipment (urban mining) can help reduce mining pollution. According to science, small, local mines can also provide a solution.

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