Can you save on airline tickets and groceries with Air Miles?

According to Renee Lambeau Portereni The idea of ​​flying to New Zealand for free with Air Miles is a bit outdated. Now what people do with it is to buy things at the Air Miles store. What you will see is that the prices of goods there are relatively high. For example, if you find a nice pair of headphones, first see if they are cheaper elsewhere. After comparing, you might ask yourself if it makes sense to use your air miles.

The Air Miles shop is not the only place where you can redeem your saved points, it is also possible at stores such as Albert Heijn, Etos, Praxis or refueling at Shell, Portrenee Tips. When you check out at Albert Heijn, you will receive a message saying that you can exchange air miles for a certain discount. “Fair is fair, every euro discount on groceries – especially at Albert Heijin – is welcome these days.”

Good to know: Are you using Albert Heijn Premium? You can save your purchases of stamps and air miles twice as fast. Better to implement this function in the Albert Heine app.

In the past you could save good discounts on airline tickets with Air Miles, now it’s very different. You can book a package holiday with KLM via the Air Miles Shop: you can book a flight, hotel, rental car and any activity. If you hand over 15,000 air miles, you’ll get a €150 discount in return. One Air Miles point is worth €2.50 on Albert Heijin, so if you’ve spent €37,500 on groceries within two years, you can use the discount on a package holiday. But the same story applies to headphones: if you book travel elsewhere or book your flight separately from the hotel, you’ve saved yourself that €150.

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Nowadays you don’t need a card and you can easily store air miles in the app. You can easily link your Air Miles app to your loyalty card or bonus card, which also saves scanning at checkout.

But Air Miles also has an end date. Earlier they were valid indefinitely. It became five years in 2013 and now two years. Air miles you save before February 20, 2023 will be valid for another five years.

It is also possible to donate your air miles to a good cause. For example, there is now a campaign with National Funds Kinderhelp where surrendered air miles are converted into cinema tickets for families who could really use such travel.

In short, saving air miles is definitely worth it because it takes no effort, says PorteRenee. But do you want to use it for a vacation discount? Then you will save for some time, that too within two years. Decided to buy something at the Air Miles store? Then do a proper research about the product on other webshops first.

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