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The first effects of Justin Trudeau’s brutal measures against Canadian truck drivers are being felt. The Prime Minister recently announced that He activated the emergency law Through which the government can, among other things, freeze financial resources. Also suggested that this Cryptocurrency donations, but what it will actually look like is not clear.

Canadian truck drivers protest against COVID-19 measures

Protests in Canada have grabbed the headlines a lot in recent weeks. He. She “Freedom Caravan It continues to cause headaches in the country as big trucks block some cities, bridges and border crossings.

Trudeau tried in several ways to put an end to the protest, but was not able to completely solve it. Hence, the Prime Minister activated the draconian emergency law. The authorities focus, among other things, on the numerous donations received by truck drivers.

34 encrypted wallets are “forbidden”

Where those donations previously went via websites like GoFundMe (which were eventually frozen), truckers later switched to crypto. But now the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has ordered all FINTRAC-regulated firms to hold 34 cryptocurrency wallets. to block

Of course, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and no one can block the wallet. Thus, the 34 wallets are not really banned but are blacklisted. everyone Cryptocurrency exchange In Canada, you must have a FINTRAC license, and from now on these exchanges are no longer allowed to receive transactions from these wallets. Basically, the cryptocurrency in wallets cannot be exchanged for Canadian dollars.

Bitcoin wallets balance $1.4 million

It’s a huge setback for truck drivers. A lot of cryptocurrency has been donated recently. So is the case with Bitcoin (BTC) which is now blacklisted has 25 BTC in balance. These bitcoins are worth about $1.4 million.

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This relates to a total of 29 bitcoin addresses, 2 raised (ETH) and other addresses Cardan (ADA)Litecoin (LTC) and Monero address.

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