Canada is looking for agricultural migrants to keep the sector quality

More than 40 percent of Canadian farmers are expected to retire within ten years. This could lead to a shortage of 24,000 skilled workers in the Canadian agriculture and horticulture sector.

A further consequence is that the country may face food shortages. A study by the University of Guelph, the Boston Consulting Group and the Royal Bank of Canada warns against this.

Research also shows that two-thirds of those farmers still don’t know who will take over their farm. The study revealed that the number of agricultural entrepreneurs in the country has decreased from 3,46,000 to 2,62,000 in twenty years. Canada needs to welcome 30,000 immigrants over the next ten years to make up for labor shortages and to ensure that the Canadian agricultural sector can produce more food for a growing world population.

Other countries, such as Japan and New Zealand, are facing similar challenges and are rapidly developing national strategies. The study found that they provide incentives for skilled foreign workers to enter the agricultural sector. Researchers believe Canada should move in that direction as well.

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