Canadians Re-elect Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party

Canadians Prime Minister gaf Justin Trudeau The Liberal Party scored a victory in Monday’s parliamentary elections, but it was not clear if its gamble to win a majority of seats paid off.

The Liberals were on their way to winning the most seats in each party. Trudeau, 49, channeled the power of his father’s star, liberal icon and late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau when he first won the election in 2015, and appears to have led his party to the lead in the election ever since.

He led the Liberals with 148 uprootings, the Conservatives with 103 uprootings, the Rally Quebec in Quebec on 28, and the left-wing New Democratic Party on 22.

Canadians vote in elections that could cost Trudeau his presidency

Canadian election workers put up signs at the Halifax Convention Center as they prepare to open polling stations for the federal election in Halifax on Monday, September 20, 2021 (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press via AP)

Trudeau is betting that Canadians didn’t want a Conservative government during the pandemic. Canada is now one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, and the Trudeau government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up the economy during lockdowns, arguing that a conservative approach, suspicious of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, would be dangerous. He says Canadians need a government that follows the flag.

The opposition ruthlessly accused Trudeau of calling an unnecessary early vote – two years before the deadline – because of his personal ambition. Trudeau participated in the elections and led a stable minority government that was not in danger of being overthrown.

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Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole has not asked for his party’s candidates to be vaccinated or to limit the number of those who have not. O’Toole described vaccination as a personal health decision, but an increasing number of vaccinated Canadians are increasingly upset by those who refuse vaccination.

Trudeau supports making vaccinations mandatory for Canadians to travel by plane or train, something Conservatives oppose. Trudeau noted that Alberta, which is run by a conservative regional government, is in crisis.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, an ally of O’Toole, said the province could run out of beds and staff for intensive care units within days. Kenny has apologized for the ordeal and is now reluctantly being offered a vaccine passport and setting up a mandatory assignment to work from home two months after nearly all restrictions were lifted.

The Conservative victory was Trudeau’s rebuke to a politician whose name has only been recognized. O’Toole, 47, is a military veteran, attorney, and former attorney general of nine years.

O’Toole declared himself a “true blue conservative” a year ago. He became the leader of the Conservative Party with the promise of “taking back Canada” but immediately began work to propel the party into the political center.

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O’Toole’s strategy, which included rejecting his party’s positions on issues such as climate change, weapons and balanced budgets, was designed to appeal to a broader segment of the electorate in a country that tends to be more liberal. from its southern neighbour.

An old politician’s son was criticized for saying and doing anything to get him elected.

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Whether moderate Canadians believe O’Toole is the progressive conservative he claims to be and whether he has ousted traditional conservatives has become a key question of the campaign.

Adrien Archambault, 53, a resident of Vancouver, voted for the Liberals and said he wouldn’t mind an election during the pandemic. He notes that provincial elections also took place during the outbreak of the epidemic.

“Everyone has been very preoccupied with COVID in recent years, and re-examination probably wasn’t a bad thing,” he said.

Trudeau’s legacy includes embracing immigration at a time when the United States and other countries have closed their doors. He also legalized hemp across the country and introduced a carbon tax to combat climate change. He maintained the free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico amid threats from former US President Donald Trump to scrap the agreement.


Former US President Barack Obama and former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton have tweeted their support for Trudeau. There was no Trump endorsement of O’Toole. Tory campaign co-chair Walid Suleiman said there was absolutely no consensus between O’Toole and Trump. Suleiman said earlier in the day that it would be a victory for O’Toole if he included Trudeau in a minority government.

Author Jim Morris at The Associated Press in Vancouver, British Columbia contributed to this report.

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