Canceling the obligation of masks on American planes after judicial intervention | abroad

In response to the judge’s decision, Joe Biden’s government announced that it would no longer adhere to the mask. A White House spokesman said the government still recommends the wearing of face masks in planes and airports.

Airlines United and Alaska immediately announced that travelers no longer have to wear masks on their flights. “Mouth masks have been just as important as boarding passes for the past couple of years, and you can’t get on a plane without them. But as of today, that’s optional. While we’re glad to see your smiling faces again, we also understand that some may have mixed feelings.” Please be kind to each other and realize that wearing a face mask while traveling is still an option,” Alaska Airlines said.

American Airlines and Delta have also announced that they will follow through on the decision. “We are relieved that a mask is no longer mandatory now that coronavirus has become a natural influenza virus. Thank you for your support in fulfilling the stringent commitments we have made over the years to protect each other and our customers,” Delta said.

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