Candidates in Uncertainty About The Voice’s Sequel: ‘It’s Very Disturbing for Us’ | Television

“Of course it’s very annoying for us as candidates. I invested time and effort in it, but it doesn’t compare to what happened,” says Jeffrey Schenk, who is appearing in the first episode of the series right now. the sound was seen in Team Waylon Expired. Brett van Couzand understands the situation, too. “You think: Oh my God, I don’t want to be in the middle.”

Schenk considers the chance of the program returning to be slim. “You are a bit insecure. But as the days go by, you find that the chance of this season continuing is getting less and less,” he says. However, the singer hopes so. “It’s not for nothing in 180 countries on TV. It’s a very nice starting point if you’re singing and want to get into the profession. It has to go on, but something has to change first.”

Holland sound It was immediately removed from the tube last weekend after the online program boo Dozens of cases of sexual behavior inconsistent with some of the prominent figures in the program. Then the singer Anouk, also calling herself “The Corrupt Gang”, left and immediately stopped her training. the sound. RTL program director Peter van der Vorst couldn’t say anything about the show’s future on Friday.

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