Cape Town kicks off Friday •

On August 13, 14 and 15, 2021, Tilburg residents can explore downtown Tilburg during this free festival.
It’s summer. Downtown Tilburg is being hijacked by artists for the weekend. They question the world as we know it.
Artists swing and rock, flip things around and look at the city as if they were seeing it for the first time. They fight established ideas with their own weapons. Creativity and amazement.

The public is invited to watch and play. Nothing is normal anymore.

Cape Town Organization (artistic leaders Anja Reinhardt and Sander van Bosel): “We give artists a platform to display interactive art in public spaces. From huge sandboxes to bubble gum art, from bikini bar to robot birds. The city is turned upside down. The streets are filled with installations, dance, theater and everything else.” Nothing to do with art.

Sander adds: “Cape Town is a three-day public space takeover. And that space belongs to all of us. With Cape Town, we deliberately choose the center. A complex environment where every square meter is claimed or has a purpose.”

Because of the pandemic, the pressure on this space has only increased. According to Sander, this made it clear that written and unwritten rules apply and that people should take each other into account.
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