Capital Storm: Nancy Pelosi wants commission of inquiry

In the United States, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is considering setting up a committee to investigate the January 6 attack on Capitol. The news channel CNN was based on information from two sources closely related to the case.

This is a response to the Republicans who blocked the formation of an independent commission of inquiry into the storm at the end of the term of Republican President Donald Trump.

Pelosi told a committee in the House on Tuesday evening that he would “set up an ad hoc committee on the matter in an effort to find out the truth.”

The commission will investigate the deadly attack by the Trumpists on January 6. The role of the former president in the events leading up to the attack will be investigated, with CNN reporting that some members of the council were involved.

“Are you afraid of the truth?”

This is one of the options that Pelosi is considering after the Republican opposition. They prevented the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry. Republicans believe the ongoing police and parliamentary investigations are adequate. Democrats say they fear the investigation will draw attention to Donald Trump’s false claims about election fraud. ‘What are you afraid of? True? Majority Leader Chuck Schumer asked.

Having already passed the House of Representatives, the Senate would have received more than 10 Republican votes from more than 50 Democrats to approve the commission of inquiry. Only 6 Republicans voted in favor. That result shows that there is still a ruling split in the United States five months after the attack on the House of Representatives.

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