Capitol attraction distracts attention from Biden’s chaos

Many people have not forgotten about storming the Capitol. Although it happened a year ago, not a week went by without the media talking about the break-in. This is about what role Trump could have played during this storm. His role is currently under investigation by the United States Congress. This element definitely deserves media attention if something substantial comes up. So far, there isn’t much to be said for it, yet people wanted to report it on a weekly basis. It would be good to stop this.

Objectivity seems to be being pushed aside somewhat to push forward Trump’s once again agenda; Fears that Trump will run again in the presidential election seem increasingly to materialize.

Where does this tendency to report on Trump come from? It appears to be linked to incumbent Biden’s unfulfilled promises: increased polarization, a deteriorating economy, and the failure of a plan to build back better. By portraying Trump as the villain in this misery, Biden is not doing it badly.

New year’s resolutions for 2022? A message on Trump if you really need to, if something really fundamental has changed. Be honest about Biden and Vice President Harris; So far, things are not going well on several levels. In the meantime, let Trump play golf, the chance of him returning is not great.

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