May 25, 2024


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Capitol captured Stormer with bison horns and accused them

Capitol captured Stormer with bison horns and accused them

One of the most prominent demonstrators was arrested on the Capitol today, wearing a fur hat with a blue, white and red face, bison horns and a spear holding the American flag It concerns Jacob Chansley of Arizona, a well-known figure on the far right and appearances of QAnon.

Dozens of people were arrested across the country for their role in Wednesday’s attack on Parliament. Prosecutors have now filed 17 cases in federal courts and 40 in courts for the District of Columbia. Five people, four attackers and an officer were killed.

Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli and QAnon Shaman, was captured in a variety of photos Wednesday at the Capitol, including the Senate meeting room, next to Vice President Pence’s chair. He should be prosecuted for, among other things, for violently accessing a non-public space and disrupting Capitol affairs.

According to a Capitol Police officer, Chancley personally called FBI security Thursday to confirm that he was the man wearing the horned fur hat. He was alleged to have confirmed that he was part of a group of patriots from Arizona who had come to Washington, DC at the request of President Trump.

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