Capitol Stormer suspected of stealing Pelosi’s laptop | abroad

The suspect named Riley John Williams, a Pennsylvania woman, according to witnesses, who can be seen in footage of the January 6 storm. An affidavit published Sunday evening 9pm EST, shows that Williams has escaped. According to Harrisburg police officers, Williams’ mother said she packed her bag after returning home and said it would be away for a few weeks. Moreover, the mother says that she has not received any information about Williams’ destination.

It is not yet clear if the laptop was actually stolen. However, another witness – who turned out to be a former partner of Williams – saw a laptop or hard drive slip into her bag over a Williams video photo. The same witnesses say that Williams was planning to send the computer to a friend in Russia. Then this friend sells the laptop to the Russian intelligence services.

However, this plan appears to have failed, according to the former, whose name is unknown. Additionally, this person states that Williams still had the computer in possession or that he destroyed the machine.

‘Family outing’

Riley’s father John Williams says he has not received anything else about the possible theft of his laptop. As if it were a family outing, he traveled with his daughter to Washington to take part in the protests, after which Williams visited some other friends upon his arrival. After the historic storm of overturning democracy, the two got together and headed home.

For now, the missing Williams will have to rely only on the fees currently installed: entering a restricted building and disrupting public order.

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