Cardinal Picchio’s Trial: Faith and Money are a Satanic Combination

A historic trial began in Vatican City this morning. For the first time, a cardinal must appear before the “secular judge” of the miniature state.

And he’s not just a cardinal: Angelo Piccio (73) held the third position in the Roman Curia hierarchy, the board of directors of the Roman Catholic Church, from 2011 to 2018. He headed the Public Affairs Secretariat there. Free translation of the Ministry of the Interior.

In this position, he was involved in the church’s financial investments worldwide to generate revenue. Aside from faithful donations, the sale of souvenirs and publications, only rental property and admission tickets to the Vatican Museums bring in the money.

In the meantime, the salaries and pensions of employees and employees must be paid. Papal envoys abroad and the dissemination of the Church’s message must also be funded, for example, by the Vatican media. In addition to the maintenance of many monuments, buildings and churches owned by the church.

Chelsea deal failed

So investing money is normal. But between 2014 and 2016, Archbishop Bessio co-invested more than 200 million euros in a luxury building in London’s Chelsea district. There, a former Harrods department store building will be converted into stylish apartments.

The brokers would have convinced Becciu and his staff that a lot of money could be made here. In order to be able to contribute adequately, Becciu is said to have drawn money from the Peter Medal, the faithful’s donations to the poor, and even from Pope Francis’ personal charitable fund. But the deal failed, in part as a result of Brexit, and he lost money. There would be none of this in the books.

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Cardinal’s Fall

In the meantime, Becciu became more and more important. In 2018, he became president of the Congregation for Causes of Saints and received his main hat from the Pope. Two years later, Italian investigative journalists exposed the failed investment in London and also published how Cardinal Pesio had for years benefited his relatives with church money.

As a scathing detail, the story of the incandescent lady, Cecilia Marugna, who, in her own words, carried out secret humanitarian missions in Africa and Asia on Becciu’s behalf. With hundreds of thousands of euros she received from the cardinal, she was said to have tried to free the hostages in cooperation with various secret services. In fact, it turns out that a lot of money was spent on expensive clothes and accessories.

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