Carillonneur Wanted for Academy Tower: “It’s a Lifelong Job”

Photo: Wutsje/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The University of Groningen is looking for a new prostitute for the Carillon in the Academy Tower. The future Carillonneur must have the necessary diplomas.

“I’m really going to stop,” says Karionor Auque de Boer. Last summer De Boer played the carillon in Martinitoren for the last time, in December he played for the last time in the Academy. “Is it unfortunate? Yes, that’s a shame because it’s such a beautiful job. But you also have to see it in the ruins of time. Times have times, and they say you have to stop at the peak. I am retired and this position is coming to an end. Wouldn’t it be nice for people to say, when is this guy going to stop? “

Carillon with big bells
De Boer has been a business sponsor at the Academy Tower since 1996. “In that year, the Academy Tower was awarded a tower musical instrument in the shape of a third large bell. Donated by the representation fund of the University of Groningen, RuG, on account of its centenary. Professor Hendrik de Ward said the bell should not be missing in the tower. Science had to be collaborating on it. This resulted in a bell with large bells. This looks different from the bell in the martinitoren. It looks more metallic and has a different bell.” Those were These are the years when Rector Magnificus France Stam was happy to point out to others that the University of Groningen is the only university in the country to have a real tower and a real bell. Since then, the instrument is played on Tuesdays of every week and is also used in academic ceremonies.

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The structure in the Academy Tower also differs from that in the Martini Tower on other fronts. “Playing the bell in the Academy Tower is lighter, it is less heavy. If you look at the lowest note in Martinitoren, which is a ‘c’, it weighs 2,500 kilograms. In the Academy Tower this clock weighs 300 kilograms. So there is a real difference.”

for life
De Boer expects the application round to not be a storm. “The number of carillonneurs in our country can be counted on two hands. In addition, there are also requirements. You must have a conservatory diploma, but you must also have trained as an assistant. But on the other hand, it is a lifelong job. Carillonneurs often remain seated. For a long time. If you look at my ancestors in the Martinitorians, there are musicians among them who have been an occasional instrumentalist for 67 years.”

science frontier
This also makes the choice important. “You want someone to play star sky. The expectation is that this person has to be listened to for a long period of time. And it’s a nice place to play. I’ve regularly explored the limits of science on the instrument. How far can you go musically? Pop and avant-garde have played it.” I think I really managed to push the boundaries.”

More information about the vacancy It can be found on this site.

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