Caring for PBL from abroad

International delegation Visit The Netherlands as part of the NL Digital Health Partnership Global Summit, organized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS). The focus of the summit was on development, operation and Practical experiences Acquired in the Netherlands with Personal Health Environments (PBL).

PBL interest from abroad

Interoperability is one of the focus areas of GHDP. The working group is currently working to accelerate the use of the International Patient Digest (IPS). The Netherlands has also made a significant contribution to this matter with two PHEs, for collaboration and testing.

During the presentations, delegates saw how active and dynamic the Netherlands is on its way to implementing PHEs. It is also becoming clear what challenges remain and what activities PGO On Air is developing in order to increase the use of PHEs. In addition, the importance of the role of MedMij and the MedMij mapping system was also emphasized.

Great attention has also been given to the operation and capabilities of PHEs. This was demonstrated, among other things, by presentations by PGO Health Scale and My PGO on their PGO capabilities. This led to issues such as login and security for PHEs. All of these questions and the panel discussion made it clear that there is also great interest and enthusiasm for PBLs abroad.

GDHP Partnership

The Global Partnership for Digital Health is a partnership of more than 30 national digital health authorities from around the world. Currently the President of the United States. The Netherlands elected a Vice-Chair during the briefing. The GDHP partnership also includes members from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

ICT and Health 2023 Conference

On January 30, 2023, ICT and the new public health of healthcare will begin with the major and influential annual healthcare conference on healthcare transformation.
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