Carlos Science in Australian GB: Suddenly everything turned around

Carlos Science had a very bad weekend in Australia and he seemed to be gaining confidence in F1-75. With a tough qualification, a bad start and eventually retiring, Science wants to forget about racing as soon as possible. And his teammate could not have wished for a better weekend.

Australia’s arrangements were well known to science and the team. All the training sessions he drove in the top 5 places and the Spaniard seemed to have good control of the car. But the qualifying round did not go so smoothly. After the red flag in Q3, his car did not start, so he was forced to set the time on a lap, the tires had not yet reached the temperature. With this came the ninth starting point. To make matters worse, the start of the race did not go as planned, so Science lost some more seats and eventually ended up in Jallikkat.

Problem with steering?

Science was told there was a problem with the steering wheel before the race started, so he was replaced before it could start. He later noted that initially many buttons on the steering wheel did not work, which contributed in part to the delay in starting. Team chief Mattia Binotto says: “We had to change it just before the system fold. Did it affect the startup? I think we need to see if the steering systems are the same. Data dive in to see what happened at the start.”

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Pressure within the team

Science feels a lot of pressure within the team from teammate Charles Leklerk, who has been at Ferrari for a while. The Spaniard was impressed with Leclerc’s performance and wanted to see if he could match it in Australia and how much he had improved himself. “I felt so much at home in the car, all of a sudden everything was back. The most important thing is that my team and I learned from it. It strengthens us and anything can happen this season. Take advantage of this weekend. Make sure, “he said

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