Caroline Tensen on excruciating pain after an ugly e-bike fell: ‘Everything was open’

When they talk about embarrassing moments on TV in a podcast, Hugo comes to a specific moment. “You were reminded of that when you went damned on your face with your bike,” he laughs. “And then with Leco…I was totally open and everyone thought: That girl only uses Botox.”

Caroline could laugh now, but it was a huge concern at the time. “I was completely open, teeth open, and everything,” she says. “I had to keep saying that for four weeks because we shoot four episodes in two days.”

Caroline explains that postponing episodes was not a choice. And so she had to put on cosmetics: “It was an open wound … I am not exaggerating: everything was open. My eyes. I have crowns on my front teeth and one of them was on the street. ( …) And this wound should have remained open, Then he put on make-up again. And Liko didn’t dare.

In the evening, it was not very pleasant for the introduction, because then she had to soak all the remnants of blush and foundation. “Then she exuded at night, which sort of turns into a crust, but that had to come off the next day. So I just stood there in the shower with a warm towel,” Caroline recalls.

“It was hell, but there wasn’t a single second I didn’t think, ‘I’m not going to do these shots. Really, seriously, I never thought. (…) I will definitely not be someone else. one for 50 Did you do that ?! “

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