Case van der Sek puts Spoorloos in the chopping block: ‘The participants are linked to the wrong family’ turns out

ModernizationMany of the participants were through the program without leaving a trace linked to the wrong biological parents. Here’s what crime journalist Kees van der Sek said jink. In recent days, KRO-NCRV has contacted program participants who may have found faulty biological parents in Colombia through a specific medium. The radio announced this in response to the announcement of an episode of Van der Speks Dealing with scammers.

Kees van der Sbeek notes that three, possibly five people, have been linked to faulty biological fathers via the program without leaving a trace. The journalist doesn’t really think it’s a good idea to criticize another program that is doing a good job. “You have to assume that without leaving a trace Only in good faith. They want to do good things and bring people together and then you find out. She reached out to Barbara, who started a research agency herself and discovered that a number of things weren’t right. It’s a very basic thing for adopters. What is your identity. And if that’s not true, dive into it as a journalist.”

biological mother

Barbara Coy participated in the program in 2005 without leaving a trace. It was reported that her biological mother had been found. Her mother said she had a problem and asked to stop calling her. “I immediately began to doubt it a little,” she says. jink. I immediately say, “What a different story.” This is so crazy without leaving a trace Your mother has found, but she does not have a fixed abode. And you can’t meet her.”

Barbara and Christian

Barbara and Christian © RTL / Jinek

There were also no pictures of her mother. , I have been in contact with without a trace, Because this is something tangible. What I was looking for.” Then it was pointed out that they were not made, because her mother would have been very afraid. In 2018, a friend expressed her doubts about Barbara. She saw some details that were not collected and the adoption papers did not match.

She was also in contact with a boy who was scheduled to be reunited with his sister, but that turned out to be not his sister at all. I discovered it through a DNA test. It didn’t pass without leaving a trace, but through another organization. The repairman, the man who arranges everything on the spot, turns out to be the same man in his search as in Barbara’s: Edwin Villa.


“This is the guy who does the off-screen search,” says van der Sek. “That’s how many programs out there, they use installers to figure things out. He’s someone you can trust blindly. But he turns out to be someone you shouldn’t rely on.” Crime journalist notes that Villa is involved in sixteen cases without leaving a trace cooperated.

Christian van der Mark has been linked to his half-brother through the programme. He was also told that his mother did not have permanent residence. He wanted to do something good for his half-brother and pay his school fees. All went well through Edwin Villa. If I wanted to keep in touch with him through Holland, he went through. And if my half-brother has to go to the Internet cafe, he needs money for it. ”


All the years I could find it, I’ve missed it

Christian van der Mark

Contact with his half-brother faded away. Christian began to have doubts because he could not contact him normally. In 2019 he went again without leaving a trace He went. Just give me Edwin Villa’s email address. Then I emailed him several times. When I wanted to go to Colombia and visit my half-brother with him, he refused. He replied, “Then look for someone else.”

biological mother

In the end he is helped by Barbara who manages to track down his real biological mother. Turns out that was a completely different woman than before without leaving a trace found earlier. Together with van der Speck, they went to Colombia to take a DNA test. “All those years I could have found it, I’ve missed it,” Christian says after the positive result on Van der Spek Radio.

It turns out that the so-called half-brother he called is not his half-brother. ,,I’ll take without leaving a trace Too bad they didn’t check if everything was correct. They also did not respond. I indicated at the time that things were not going well, but they did not respond to me.”

Van der Sek points out that without leaving a trace He benefited from Villa’s services until 2010. From 2017, his assistance was occasionally requested again. “But I think it’s over now.”

I called Barbara several times without leaving a trace. “They said we will call you back. We will look for your file and you will hear from us. In fact, I have not heard any news from them since the broadcast.” After the episode of the Van der Sek show, Makers without leaving a trace call her. “Even then they were still under the impression that I received my file. So far I don’t know anything about my research and they are not answering.”

KRO-NCRV . response

In an earlier statement, KRO-NCRV said: “Despite a request from us, a preview of the broadcast was refused. As far as we now know, it concerns a man in Colombia, on behalf of our regular correspondent, who has helped several times in the past to find biological parents.” .

The same broadcaster contacted Van der Speck when it became clear that the journalist was conducting research in Colombia. Van der Speck asked us several questions about this person and the searches we were conducting at the time. “We answered his questions extensively and transparently,” he added.

“In recent days, we have personally contacted all the people who, with the help of Spoorloos, found their biological father in Colombia where this man played a role, precisely because he touches the most important part of a person, that is, where you come from. We also support these former participants wherever that is necessary and wherever we can.”

KRO-NCRV provides no further explanation at this time. The announcer does not say how many previous participants he means.

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