Caspar Witt is the new head coach of the Martini Sparks basketball players. He is the successor to Robert Tenga who resigned with Haren’s team

Caspar Wit (56) is the new coach of the Martini Sparks basketball players. He succeeds Robert Tinga, who threw in the towel on December 4 with the club from the Women’s Basketball League.

After Tinga’s departure, Martini Sparks played two more matches, as his assistant Damien Bomstra took over coaching, along with injured player Daniel Brewis.

White will remain as head coach for at least six months, but he intends to make a long-term commitment after that. , I’m looking forward to it, but I won’t talk about winning or losing first. I want players to feel free to play basketball. Then the results will come naturally.”

White, who works for his own IT company, is no stranger to the world of basketball. He started as a youth player in Exercitia’73 in Eelde. Then he played basketball for a while in the United States at Bay City Michigan High School. Back in Holland, Wit played basketball in the top league for ten years at Donar, Red Giants in Meppel, Orca’s Urk and The Hammers in Zwolle.

After his active career, White did little in basketball for a long time. In recent years, he has coached the first women’s team of Exercitia’73, in which his daughters play. Coming Saturday, White will be on the bench for the Martini Sparks for the first time. The Harense Sportiff Grasshoppers from Katwijk will face off at 7pm in the Scharlakenhof gym.

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