Cassini Z says goodbye to this sport

Cassini Z (by Cassini II) Not seen on the international stage since July. Now the fourteen-year-old Malik Al-Khichan has officially announced that the first player has retired from the sport. “Cassini Z has retired to her home at Corotoman Farm and is making new friends! Thank you for everything!”

Born in the United States, Leslie Carter was originally called Chapel Hill. With the American jockey, he began his training before joining Bowers and Mac Cone at the age of five. With the latter taking his first steps at the highest level in 2015. Not so long ago, Dara Kenny was keeping an eye on this eunuch. A year passed and after talks with his patron Anne Thompson, a Cassini Zee was purchased and joined the stables of the Irish Knights.

Dara Kenny on Cassini Costume in Miami.

With a cyclist, the eunuch competed in the most beautiful competitions such as Geneva, Spruce Meadows, Mexico City and Miami. The duo has topped the Races of Honor seven times, including the 3* Grand Prix in Wellington and two 1.55m events at CSI5* in London and Madrid. Their partnership ended when Ann Thompson terminated her partnership with Daraj Kenny last September. The American decided to distribute her horses to the younger generation. Cassini Z has also entered the hands of the British Charles family Romeo 88 (against vd Heffinck contact). Since the rider change, the eunuch competed in the 1.35-1.45m events with Harry and his younger sister Sienna before retiring.

Source: SFL

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