Castle Mann Amy still lives in the Netherlands: ‘I often feel lonely’

Amy and her husband Rutger were guests on Friday evening at loverwhere they talked about the new program – reminds us Chateau Melland† As the Lady of the Castle talks enthusiastically about her mansion, Rutger prefers to put the mansion up for sale again as soon as possible. He has absolutely nothing to do with him and still lives in Holland, in a Gooische houseboat.

“I laugh about it now, but it was really, really hard,” I’m leavingThe star opens a book, after which she admits that she feels lonely on a regular basis. “I did it on my own, I knew it.” Despite jokes being thrown at the table, the lady of the castle still regularly says that she is scared. “There is not much fear, but only: be ready

After hearing all this, Poe cannot understand that her husband is leaving her there alone. “She wanted it anyway,” was Rutger’s dry answer when asked by Beau. “Yes, but you are her lover, right? Then you should support her, right?” The presenter tried again, Amy replied: “At first I was of course very sorry that he was not there (…) However, I thought: I want to do this. I wanted an adventure in my life. I was about 60 and thought I could wait to be informed I’m 67 years old and retire, and then, I know a lot, on a trip around the world or on some other adventure, but first of all, you don’t know if you’ll succeed or not, an important consideration for me no one gives you that guarantee that you’ll live to 67 “.

Plus, you no longer want to “work hard” and “sit inside.” “I want it now, I’m still young and fit,” she laughs.

However, Amy hasn’t been completely alone lately, her husband has been visiting her in France for six months. “I’m so happy, I’m 72 now, because I can experience this adventure. But from a distance,” he says.

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