Category: Shane von Gisbergen G.P. Won New Zealand in an extraordinary manner

Category: Shane von Gisbergen G.P. Won New Zealand in an extraordinary manner

Prior to the NZ Grand Prix, the SVG accidentally ignited a fire extinguisher in its Toyota FT60, and the team had to make serious efforts to fill it in a timely manner. As a result, the SVG had to be connected from the pit path at the rear. A frantic catch chase continued. From B16, SVG was ultimately successful. Fellow supercar driver Andre Haykardner finished second in the main race at the Hampton Towns Circuit.2020 SVG winner
In three races in Hampton Towns, the SVG completely crushed the competition despite a fault in the fire extinguisher..

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Shane von Gisbergen G.P. Won New Zealand in an extraordinary manner
SVG accidentally caused a lot of shots. Shortly before the game, he accidentally turned off the fire engine. SVG: “A few people were already starting the car and I accidentally hit the fire extinguisher button, so I was a little panicked. It was my fault, I thought it was over. But that car was fine. I had to pass some guys if the front section was still there, it was surreal, but it was a great weekend I was speechless and thought it would be hard from stage 10 to be aside from the pit path.

After a wet qualifying session, Toyota Racing Series debutant Caleb Nagatova and former supercar driver Daniel Conte were allowed to exit the front row. After the opening round, Conte, Nagatova, Van der Drift, Highcardner and Murphy ordered. On the sixth lap van der Drift ran into the corner where he was able to continue his race, but the Tasman Motorsports driver had to move to a new front section. SVG already held four positions. After a while, the safetycar had to operate for the first time. SVG defender Peter Vodanovich was stopped at “The Tipper”, which required an interruption.

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2020 SVG Race2
Leads the SVG pack.

In the 10th round, the match resumed and SVG began to attack. The first V8 Supercar had to follow senior player Greg Murphy, then Jeff. Leach (the annual party in the DRS) is under pressure. Damon Leach did not give up, but in the fourteenth round SVG was already in the P4. Three laps later the SVG was already in the B2 and had taken the final lead at 10 laps before the final, followed by Highcardner more than two seconds later. Eventually the SVG became an exciting and decisive success in the New Zealand GP, which has been won by many motorsports adults in the past. Kenny Smith, who completed his 50th participation, was followed by thunderous shouts.

The race was also credited to SVG in the 20 laps before the previous NZ GP feature race. However, after Highcardner and Brendan Leach created each other it ended up under the safety car. SVG and Chris van der Drift crossed the first and second lines.

Results Grand Prix New Zealand Feature Race 3
1 Shane von Gisbergen 28 laps
2 Andre Haykardner +2.269 +2.269
3 Matthew Payne +3.614 +1.345
4 Caleb Nagatova +8,897 +5,283
5 Chris van der Sliding +10,420 +1,523
6 Damon Ledich +10.458 +0,038
7 Brendan Leach +12.084 +1.626
8 Daniel Kant +13.561 +1.477
9 Billy Fraser +13.671 +0,110
10 Greg Murphy +14.091 +0,420

SVG is an all-round driver who wins on all four wheels.

Race 2
1 Shane von Gisbergen 20 laps
2 Chris van der Traction +0.409
3 Matthew Payne +0.809
4 Caleb Nagatova +1.497
5 Damon Leach +2.099
6 Conrad Clark +2.728
7 Peter Vodanovich +3,481
8 Joshua Bethune +3.947
9 Billy Fraser +4.688
Chris Vlog +5,853
This 2

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