Category: The Netherlands are second in the Nations Cup. Australia wins first virtual nations trophy …

Category: The Netherlands are second in the Nations Cup. Australia wins first virtual nations trophy for professional drivers

It’s really a vague start for the Dutch team, which includes Jab van Uydert, Richard Versur, Beatske Wieser and Bent Wiskal. Especially in the second half, Van Eudert and Versailles were very strong, which allowed the Netherlands to take a good second place to the first virtual nations cup for professional drivers. Before the final at Monza the Williams FW31 Toyota F1 had a small chance of having single seats, and they made a great sound. Only if Australia left did they have a theoretical chance of winning that first title. So this success went to the merger of Matt Campbell, Bart Horston and Nick Foster.

2021 Team Netherlands
The team placed a beautiful second place for the Netherlands in the first VCO Nations Cup.

Text Willem J. Stot
VCO of the photo.

The Netherlands are second in the Nations Cup. Australia wins first virtual nations trophy for professional drivers.
Matt Campbell, Bart Horston and Nick Foster presented Australia’s first virtual nations trophy for professional drivers. A vague start but a strong end with a second place for the Dutch. Last year the event took place for the first time for sports racers. This year it is the turn of professional drivers. It was a huge success and its format will be adjusted a bit for the next version and it will definitely be followed. All of these were involved in succession.

Nations VCO is owned by Williams Sport, Racepot TV and VCO. In this format there were various branches of motorsport such as F1, IndyCar, V8 Supercars, GT and Rallycross. If you want to win the title, you have to rearrange at any time and quickly leave the comfort zone you know from the real motorsport. In the final races, the Australians were really unbeaten.

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2021 Le Mans
Qualification at Le Mans.

It started with the Audi GT3 in a 40-minute race in Le Mans, where Horston and Foster had a nice double win. Only the results of the top two riders per country were counted per race. The Australians got the most points there. The team finished third with Spain’s Daniel Juncadella. The final in Indianapolis was a tumultuous one. There, several participants were involved in an accident with the Dallara IR18. After 25 laps, the win returned to an Australian. The victory went to Matt Campbell (real life Porsche Cup), Daniel Junkadella (real life GT) and Bart Horston (real life British F3). B1 and B3 again represent valuable points for the Australian team.

20201 Monza
The result fell on Monza in F1

The decisive final race took place in Monza with the F1 Williams FW31 Toyota in Monza’s high speed circuit. There, with fifth and thirteenth place for Horston and Foster, it was enough for Australia to win their first overall title. The Netherlands finished second with 35 points. American Phil Dene (F1600 USA) won there, followed by Richard Versour and IndyCar driver Alex Blow.

2021 Rallycross
Lots of scenes at Rally Cross.

The starting places for the finals were determined by a 15-minute team qualification. They started with a 15-minute race at Francorcomps with the Audi GTs. The second was held at Long Beach with tough Australian supercars, which were characterized by multiple accidents. The first three teams in each group determined the starting point for the final in the third game. During Hall Lancashire’s rally crossing course, the Tennessee team took the pole with Subaru WRX for USA. By the way, due to connection issues Brazil could not participate at the last minute, thus only eleven countries participated in the first edition.

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2020 Super Car Chaos
Super car chaos

Matt Campbell: “I really enjoyed this event, especially the collaboration with Nick and Bart. We did a lot of work on the production over the last few days and it was ultimately rewarding. We were very consistent in all the races and it was not particularly easy to get out of trouble on the track that ultimately paid off.”

Bart Horston: “There was a lot of pressure in the last few games, so I hoped Matt would come out on top and give us the win. When I saw him step back, I knew my way. It was clear that if I failed it was over the game. That’s why I could not defend myself well in the duels. .In the end we were lucky and won overall. “

Nick Foster: “The format of the Nations Cup on the Irasing platform is fantastic. As professional drivers we meet all the time now, but it’s so fantastic to be able to compete against all colleagues from different championships. The VCO ProSim series has grown especially over the last two years.

2020 IndyCar
Many found that Indy was more than four turns ….. Indy and Monza Versur were both strong.

Results Countries Cup 2021
1. Team Australia, 502 points
2. Team Netherlands, 467
3. Team Spain, 452
4. Team USA, 346
5. Team GB, 342
6. Team Portugal, 328
7. Team Norway, 306
8. Team Canada, 301
9. Team Finland, 292
10. Team Germany, 269
11. Team South Africa, 265

Team Spain Team Australia
Australia and Spain. First and third in the final rankings.

Borrowing Countries
Team USA Sage Karam Bill Denise Jack Crawford
Team Australia Matt Campbell Nick Foster Bart Horston
Team Portugal Rafael Lopado Manuel Alves Francisco Mora
Team Spain Danny Juncadella Alex Balu Alex Alcல்கraz Miguel Molina
Team Finland Elias Seppenen Jesse Krone
Team GB Will Stevens Tom Ingram Bradley Billboat
Team South Africa Raul Hyman Gennaro Bonafet
Team Norway Christian Crognus Henrik Crockstad Ayla Akren
Team Canada Daniel Morad Alex Ellis Robert Wickens
Team Netherlands Beatske Wisser Job von Uthard Richard Versat Bend Viscal
Team Germany Mike Rockenfeller Marius Juke Jens Klingman

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