CBS De Sprankeling is shrinking due to the rapid growth of students

The number of CBS De Sprankeling students in Dumuald It grew more than expected. During the last academic year, the Damwald Campus canteen was used as a classroom. Around the summer holidays, there was concern among parents about the (extra) need for space at school.

short term solution

It will take a few years to prepare and build additional permanent classrooms on the existing school building. That’s why we first looked for a short-term solution. Municipal executive referred CBS De Sprankeling to the “De Saad” building for the additional need for space (from two to three classrooms). This proposal complies with the Municipal Law and Provisions (Regulation). This has caused concern among parents.

We received a signal that parents did not want to educate their children in two different places. City council members made a proposal to respond to the unrest. In this proposal, the Municipal Executive is requested to place temporary units (emergency rooms) on the campus site in consultation with PCBO Dantumadiel. The city council provided funds for this.

Working together to find good solutions: on-campus housing

The municipality, Campus Damwâld and PCBO Dantumadiel are discussion partners when it comes to housing for CBS De Sprankeling. During the summer vacation period, management consultations were held with Municipal Council member Gerben Wiersma and interested parties. This led to a joint plan. The starting point is the desire to educate all children on or around campus. In the short term, students will be housed within the campus walls.

The canteen has been provided by the Campus Damwâld Foundation for this purpose. One of the two playrooms is also used as a classroom. De Botkeskoalle helps with this solution by temporarily sharing the playroom with De Sprankeling. These solutions are certainly temporary.

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Long-term sustainable expansion

CBS De Sprankeling will permanently need additional space in the long run. A request has been made for a permanent solution to the school’s lack of space. This is dealt with in the housing program. The city council will make a decision on this in December 2022. PCBO Dantumadiel and Campus Damwâld want to put in place concrete plans quickly, so that the permanent expansion of the school can be achieved quickly. In order not to delay, funds have already been requested in a municipal perspective note for the permanent expansion of the school.

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