CDA is looking for more space for people in luxury

Nigeria The CDA faction in Nijkerk wants gifts of up to 1,200 euros that will be donated by family and friends to people receiving welfare. This does not lead to a penalty or deduction on social assistance benefits.

By Wijnand Kooijmans

This is evident from Pam van de Feijer Feuerstein’s questions. The reason is that the Community Development Authority is concerned about the high numbers of people applying for social assistance benefits. Also because there are many concerns about people losing their jobs and thus potentially facing poverty and / or debt in the future.

At present, donations from family and friends in Nijkerk of up to 1,000 euros are exempt from imposing a fine or withholding social assistance benefits. However, the gifts may not relate to maintenance.

With the increase to € 1,200, the CDA wants Nijkerk to agree to the motion passed in the House of Representatives to increase the amount to that amount. The CDA wants to know how quickly the new limit can be introduced and why not. But in this case, they want to know the options that the municipal executive sees in order to achieve the required increase.

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