CDA: There are no huge high-rise buildings, protecting the character of the village

Introduction: CDA.

The city council will decide on seeing the condensation on Thursday. This document will provide guidance in the coming years on how best to use the space. The CDA has strong objections to towering ambitions. The group makes a proposal to amend the plans.

Faster instead of higher
It is important to build a CDA quickly and affordably. So this faction is not opposed to tall buildings, but what is absolutely necessary must be carefully considered. Living spokesperson Barend Tensen: “We can’t agree to this being 8 to 10 stories high, with a maximum of 32 metres, with tops of up to 40 metres. Most buildings in Katwijk are now two to four stories tall. That means a significant increase and does something In the face of our village. Also consider things like sunbathing and wind disturbance in the immediate vicinity.”

Nor is it necessary. With a clever mix of single-family homes and apartment complexes that aren’t skyrocketing, 2,500 homes can also be built and there’s enough space left for green spaces. CDA prefers to emphasize building quickly. Tensen: “Houses should not go up, but go at a fast pace.”

village character
CDA suggests deleting 40m and building no more than 32m. The faction also likes to note that old village centers are less suitable for tall buildings, but other choices can be made at the edges. The rural character of our municipality deserves to be protected.



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