Celebrities Highlight Their Loved Ones, Gordon Shares ‘The Greatest Love’ | Entertainment

Armin Van Buren Put his wife Erica In the sun with an old photo of them together behind a rotating table. The DJ writes: “My Valentine has been my biggest supporter since the beginning.”

Tommy Christian He wishes his pregnant girlfriend Jimmy a happy Valentine’s Day. “The last few weeks before we could share our love for each other with our son. I love you and I can’t wait for the next 50 years with you. I love you. Forever. Regardless.”

Bettina Hollowirda She says that her husband spoiled her every year Jim Bakum. “Whether commercial or not, we celebrate Valentine’s Day (I say, who was often embarrassed when I got another huge bouquet of flowers.“ What day is it …? ”). I can send you a complete declaration of love online for you Here, Jim, but we also got married for 10 years in June so I’ll keep it, “she wrote on Instagram. Jim also shares a picture of his wife. My funny Valentine’s Day. In their natural environment. On two litter boxes. “

Nance is cool She surprised her husband with eighteen red roses. “One for every year we are together. Love you to the moon and back.”

Also Rico Verhoeven He can depend on a treat, but it is his children. The kickboxer was having breakfast in bed and the “Valentine Three” cut a slice of bread in the shape of a heart. “Oh my God … Happy Father !!”

Many celebrities share photos of their loved ones. So too Olcay Goulsen, Tania Gies, Martin Krabi, Denis Van Der Geest at Bio Van Irven Dorenz.

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Gordon He celebrates Valentine’s Day alone, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. The singer posts a photo of her using the hashtags #learningtoloveyourself #greatestloveofall.

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