Celebrity observer Henk ‘Mrs. Brunwater’ Jordan dies: ‘He always pleased you’

Henk Jordan died, Wednesday, at the age of 65 due to cancer. The amazing Prince of Amsterdam was perhaps better known to some as “Mrs. Brunwater”. This is the name of his YouTube account, where he has shared videos of celebrities, among other things. “He asked the nicest questions or chatted with the women.”

Henk’s nieces laugh when they talk about their uncle. “He was really a very nice guy. He always cheered you up with his adorable smile,” says April Jordan. They’re in front of the Hotel Schiller on Rembrandtplein, where Henk can sometimes be found daily scouting out which artists went to RTL late at night. “Then he would wait here with his camera and if it worked it was: Gotcha!” April continues. According to her, he asked the funniest and craziest question, “whether he flirts with women.”

Cousin Jill Jordan complements her sister. “It wasn’t always the same as on TV, but he did it with his own twist. His personality came through in his movies.”

Reggae singer

Henk was more than just the “paparazzi type” on YouTube. He also played in a reggae band for years. The Tuners guitarist and friend Nico Olkers talks about those years. “Henke never got angry,” he says. “Once we lost part of our drum kit just before a gig. Hinky was disappointed.”


The family is one Crowdfunding He begins to pay for Henk’s funeral. Due to the circumstances, there is no funeral insurance, but we would like to say a generous bid.

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By the way, the YouTube channel will continue to exist. Henk’s partner will take full responsibility.

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