Ceremonial renditions of Gerrit Raapstraat and Pieter Veningastraat in Appingedam

APPINGEDAM – The Gerrit Raapstraat and Pieter Veningastraat ceremonies in Appingedam on Thursday 23 February were completed by Eemsdelta Municipality, Woongroep Marenland and contractor Nijhuis Noord. During completion, 92 renovated homes and public spaces were central. Two new facade panels symbolizing the history of the streets were also unveiled.

Gerrit Raapstraat and Pieter Veningastraat in Appingedam have been completely renovated. Because of the reinforcement mission, 96 homes were demolished here. This has made room for 92 earthquake-resistant, sustainable, natural-gas-free homes: 40 lifestream-resistant and 52 single-family homes. Homes completed in December 2022 by contractor Nijhuis.

The new construction of houses on Gerrit Raapstraat and Pieter Veningastraat is part of a large-scale demolition and new construction project in the Opwierde district of Appingedam, which includes around 1,500 homes.

To make the area future proof, public space has been dealt with on both streets. For example, more space for green spaces was created in the streets and a separate sewage system was constructed, so that waste water and rain water flow separately. Building on the ambition to operate more circularly and sustainably, part of the old pavement has been reused for car parks and for speedboats.

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