Chamber of Commerce and new laboratory facilities in Ravelin

The new facilities in Ravelijn are an extension of the existing BMS laboratory, which is located in Cubicus and is equipped with virtual reality glasses, monitoring equipment and flexible workplaces. According to Jan-Willem van ‘t Klooster, Managing Director of the BMS Laboratory, expansion is necessary to meet the demand for laboratory space. In addition, Cubicus will soon be revamped. We are already responding to this with additional facilities at Ravelijn. BMS College also consists of two buildings: Cubicus and Ravelijn. So it makes sense that there would also be laboratory facilities in Ravelijn.

Modern education

The Trading Room is Ravelijn’s most eye-catching new space. This new lecture hall, which seats 86 people, is specially equipped for modern forms of education, says Van ‘t Klooster. In traditional education, the room is traditionally focused on the teacher. The circulation room was set up, as it were, in “arches”, so that the students could see each other.

This new layout makes the room ideally suited for working together in small groups, Van ‘t Klooster continues. For example, students can conduct financial negotiations, for example for a master’s degree in financial engineering and management. Hence the name “trading room”. At the same time, more traditional education remains possible in the lecture hall.

White House

In addition to the trading room, four new laboratories will open on the ground floor of Ravelijn. These are different laboratories than the one in the BMS lab at Cubicus. There is, among other things, a negotiation room, where we can measure physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiration. An operating room will also be revealed, where students can meet in small groups. The space is like the White House Situation Room, where the US President holds important meetings.

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The new trading room and lab facilities will open tomorrow afternoon during It happened Expanding Horizons officially opens. The event consists of a tour of both the BMS Lab in Cubicus and the new facilities in Ravelijn. There will also be speeches by the initiators, including Jan-Willem van ‘t Klooster, Vice Dean Bernhard Feldkamp and UT Professor Laura Spierdijk.

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