Chantal in ‘Long Live Love’: ‘I’m handsome above average in principle’

“I don’t fall for ‘what an ugliness’, I am,” Chantal says confidently. “I’m handsome above average in principle.” Jeroen laughs a little uncomfortable. Chantal says she receives 1,000 compliments a day about her social media appearances. “You don’t look bad at all,” says Jeron. Chantal says she knows it by herself. “If someone said that, I would laugh at them.” She has been told several times that she “has a nice outside appearance, but she’s not pretty on the inside”. Although she doesn’t seem to mind.

fork in soup

Later in the evening they sit outside for a while. Jeron tells Chantal that he may be less tidy than he appears. “With a jacket, a blouse, I know what,” he began, “I look very elegant. Do you understand what I mean?” Chantal does not immediately realize what he is talking about. “Anyone who knows me privately knows that fork is something else in the soup.”

Chantal tries to guess what it means. Is he talking about his clothing style? This does not appear to be the case. “A bit more of a bad boy or something,” says Jeron. Chantal asks for details, but Giron shakes his head. “You can tell me something about it, and now I’m very curious.” Meanwhile, she was playing with a lighter and suddenly her hair caught fire. She blows it quickly and Jeroen laughs hard. “I set my hair on fire myself,” Chantal says.

When the date ends, it turns out that Chantal does not like dating her. “Hell no, I will renew with this ugly,” her friend Danielle texted.

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