Charles asks the British to swear allegiance during the coronation: “I think it’s strange”

For example, everyone who begins working in the national government must swear or promise allegiance to the King and the Constitution. You must then undertake that you have obtained your position in an honest manner and that you will work in the Netherlands as a good civil servant.

“I think it’s strange.”

It’s symbolic, says Flores Mueller, president of the Republican Assembly. He thought it strange to swear allegiance to one person. “It’s a relic of the 19th century. But then the king had a very big role and not anymore.”

Nowadays it is true that you, as a civil servant, do not necessarily have to participate. “It has no consequences,” Mueller says. “But why do we still suffer from it?” Therefore, the republic objected to the loyalty of officials. “The king himself says he is modern. Then he must act accordingly.”


What Charles is asking for now is exactly this time, says royal family expert Sander Poulos. “The British monarchy is very ancient and full of traditions. Within those traditions, Charles is very modern.” And that’s something the British monarch has also promised – that he wants to modernize. “He wants to do it differently from his mother.”

Because where Elizabeth was so far away from people, Charles wants people to visit more. “He wanted to speak not only to the nobles, but also to the population,” says Paulos. “Charles wants to make his own mark and this is a moment for that. It’s the little things that can change long-established traditions a little bit.”

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Will Britons soon get off the couch en masse and stand in front of the TV with their hands over their hearts? “I don’t think so,” says the royal family expert. “People who are very royalists may pledge their allegiance in a hall or a tavern.”

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