Chateaux viewers demand a stool scooper Martien: “With a spoon ?!”

When Martien and Maxime reach the top of the Martien’s house, Maxime quickly sees that there are disgusts on the marble. She said to her father, “Look around.” When he next sees that there is a dog on his carpet, he gives off a well-known shriek. Martin said, “I get a whole deja vu from the palace, because there were dirty things everywhere. It’s still horrible.”

While Maxim quickly escapes, Martin is the one who organizes things. Armed with a roll of toilet paper and a spoon, Martien ascends upstairs. “It feels like Bommel filth.” Of course, the castle master does not like the job. “It’s horrible. Those monsters walk outside all day, and they go inside and shrug.”

Viewers of the popular show can at least once again yell about the scene. Someone writes, “Bad, that filthy dog ​​in your bedroom.” Some ask questions about Martien’s approach to cleaning shit. “Is Martin holding a spoon to take the shit? This is unprecedented. Another person:” Is that spoon back in the kitchen?

Maxime has been happy with Leroy for a while now. A while ago I spoke openly about a possible desire to have children. You can see that in the video below.

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