Check-in in Schiphol again without face mask allowed • 1,841 positive tests, average low

The broken refrigerator in Nieuwegein from GGD Utrecht on June 7 is independent of the decision to allow young people to “dance with Janssen”. This says a spokesperson for the Department of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) in response to an earlier message from the programme. Hype.

The ministry says the Janssen vaccine stock that became available at the time, which everyone can make an appointment for via a private phone line, wanted to use for target groups that wanted or needed to be prepared quickly. Soldiers on a mission and the homeless were mentioned as examples, as were the youth. “Not everyone in their twenties wants to go back for a second vaccination,” a spokesperson said.

It also played a role as the summer and vacation periods approached. “We wanted to provide young people with the opportunity to travel protected as quickly as possible, to be able to lead a more normal, open, protected life once again.” In light of this, outgoing Minister De Jong made the appeal to “Dance with Jansen,” according to the ministry.

After getting Janssen’s vaccine, everyone immediately received a green check in the CoronaCheck app. According to the spokesperson, De Jonge made this decision due to the low number of injuries. He also kept in mind that people, especially young people, “may be more enthusiastic about vaccination.”

The dilution was reversed within weeks after the opening of the nightlife with tickets resulting in an explosion of infection. Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and De Jong later apologized for a “miscalculation”.

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