Checking Studbook Vorden: The First Two Distinguished Foals, Beart 411 Daughter of Ster

A genealogical check in Vorden on Saturday 3 September resulted in Ster receiving a second installment of three-year-old Julia June SA (Beart 411 x Norbert 444) owned by Anja and Angie Vanderper of West-Vleteren in Flanders. Corrie Terpstra, who judged with Esther Raine, explained that Julia June with the long, coarse streaks could be a little longer in the front leg. “Good shoulder and topline, can be a little less inclined at the crotch and have generous hooves under properly positioned legs.” The trot shows a lot of range with enough curvature in the background. He praised Cory Terpstra, “She values ​​herself in a stride.” “It has a lot of space and a lot of body use for walking.”

The dowry that received the first installment was also declared the best dowry of the day at the end of the day. The Topper van ‘t Hoge Mienen (Waander 512 x Haike 482) owned by Sandra Hijink of Asker had a luxurious look and noble head. “A foal with a great length at the neck, a good topline, and thin, solid legs,” Cory Terpstra explained. The Topper has a rhythmic gait, plenty of range and a strong use of the back leg at trotting, demonstrating his ability to switch easily.

The first installment of the dowry, a tees

Tess van de Hyde’s filly (Tyun 505 x Alwyn 469) ridden by Mark and Lisanne Teunissen of Warrensfield was the second foal to receive a first premium during an examination of the Horse Book. Cory Terpstra said that a well-developed, long-cushioned teese has a good breed appearance and a noble head. Her legs are right and she has long soles. She is a little quick to walk and can walk a bit on her back, on trotting she shows a lot of self transmission with good back leg flexion and she can switch gears well.

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source: Friso

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